Scottish Highland Cattle


Out at Bigfoot Farms in Branson, Missouri we have a fold of Scottish Highland cattle that you get to say hey to, pet and even feed! These mystical creatures are one-of-a-kind so not many people know about them! Encountering these creatures is one experience you will never forget!

Here’s some information and quick facts for you!

  • It’s recorded that Scottish Highland cattle are actually the oldest registered breed in the world as well as the rarest! They originated in the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland.
  • Highlands were actually on the endangered species list and were almost extinct but have over the years regained popularity!
  • Interestingly, a group of Scottish Highland cattle is not called a herd, but a ‘fold’ instead – who knew!
  • Scottish Highlands are very docile and affectionate so as soon as the truck shows up, they run over for attention and treats that they eat right out of your hands!
  • Their coats are their most popular feature with most thinking of their ginger-red fur, but their coloring can vary between black, brindle, yellow and even white! We have a variety of colors in our fold at Bigfoot Farms!
  • Speaking of their coats – their hair is always long, sometimes as long as 13 inches! And the hair is wavy too! They also create their own natural oils, which protects their coats and make them extra fluffy!
  • Bigfoot Farms is home to the biggest fold of Scottish Highland cattle in North America! As of now, there are only 11,000 highlands in the states!
  • They have very long and very distinctive horns and, unusually enough, both male and females can have horns – which actually help them find food in the snowy winter months!
  • Speaking of food, highlands graze more like goats than they do cows – weird!