Super Sling™ and Slingshot: Which is which?

Branson MO Bigfoot on the Strip Super SlingHere at Bigfoot on the Strip™ in Branson, we get asked what the difference between our Super Sling™ and the Slingshot is, so here it is!

  • Bigfoot’s Super Sling™ allows up to two riders to climb onto a seat that resembles a saddle, you are seated back to back and launched straight up into the air – 200 feet into the air! Once up, you will begin the fall back down with a few flips here and there! This extremely smooth and exhilarating experience is one you will want to experience over and over!
  • Also located on the Branson Strip is a slingshot known as the Ejection Seat that launches riders into the air, bouncing all around and upside down (again and again) until gravity finally regains control. Feel your heart pound as you anticipate the blastoff!

Bigfoot enjoys both, but you’ll find him and the Super Sling™ at Bigfoot on the Strip™ in Branson located at 3608 W. HWY 76!