Bigfoot Fun Park™, offers a variety of attractions, all themed around Bigfoot (as in Sasquatch) and designed to appeal to all ages and abilities. Bigfoot Fun Park™ features both indoor and outdoor activities, a large outdoor patio, indoor and outdoor party spaces, and a visitor center.

The Bigfoot Action Tower, at over 200’ tall, is the highest point in Branson, Missouri and features two new daring rides.  The Gravity Bomb™, a free fall ride will drop riders from a height of 200’, utilizing a state of the art magnetic braking system that provides a smooth, yet breath stealing, experience. The Super Sling, a two person saddle ride will launch riders high into the air and then let them tumble end over end as they descend back towards earth. Both heart-pounding rides are the first of their kind to open to the public.

Bigfoot Adventure Golf, is an 18 hole Bigfoot themed golf adventure that will challenge your putting skills through the ozark woodlands, waterfall, cave with 270′ of hand-painted blacklight activated murals, desert, and frozen tundra.  The 18 holes include 9 ADA accessible holes. 

Bigfoot Arcade features the area’s newest state-of-the-art games with the most unique prize redemption in the area. The Prize Redemption area includes rare items, collectibles, and several entire Sports and NASCAR collections!

Yeti Fun Zone & Monkey Jump™  is a multi-level maze full of fun for the whole family. The Yeti Zone delivers varied challenges and obstacles to for all ages and abilities with its system of underground tunnels, spiral slide, elevated net crawls, climbing structures and Yeti Treehouse. Maze participants will race through the twisting, multi-level maze while avoiding Bigfoot. Participants will have the option to take the “chicken” exit or, for the daring, taking a leap from the top of the Monkey Jump Tower into a huge inflated bag, just like in the movies!

Bigfoot’s 8Di Action Ride allows players to participate in a totally immersive 8Di interactive gaming experience. Upon entering the theater, players hop onto off-road mini-bikes, grab their guns, and begin shooting the 3D images that have come to life on the screen, while competing against up to 13 others in the room. The lights, wind, sounds, moving bikes, and other sensory invoking effects will make you feel immersed in movie. Choose from three different movie options: Cyborg Cowboys (rated G) – Bad guys have come to town and robbed the local bank, join the posse to bring the bank robbers to justice!  Bigfoot Breakout(rated PG) – Join the team as they ride through the Ozarks forest to the sinister compound where scientists have captured Bigfoot and family, break in to stop the scientists and release Bigfoot! Mutant Zombies Attack (rated PG-13) Zombies have taken over an abandoned warehouse and are on the attack, Shoot your way through to escape!    

Bigfoot Discovery Expedition Guests join our Bigfoot Research team and board safari trucks for a visit to Bigfoot Farms, just ten minutes outside of Branson. Guests will experience the beauty of the Ozark Mountains and interact with mystical Scottish Highland Cattle on a working farm, featuring cows from the largest Scottish Highland producer in the Midwest, while always keeping on the lookout for signs of Bigfoot activity. The approximate 90 minute tour will take them off road and over rugged terrain with twists, turns, and a few surprises that will be sure to keep them on the edge of their seat.  Bigfoot Discovery Expedition™ is family friendly and suitable for all ages and abilities.