Bigfoot Fun Park Special $49 Pass Offer

Experience the fun at Bigfoot Fun Park for one amazing price! With this special $49 dollar pass, guests will be able to embark upon a thrilling Bigfoot expedition, conquer the Bigfoot maze, ride the one-of-a-kind tower rides, and immerse themselves in all three 8DI movies. There are so many things to do at Bigfoot Fun Park, so take advantage of this special offer to Branson’s most unique adventure park.

This pass includes the Bigfoot Discovery Expedition, a thrilling 4×4 adventure through beautiful Ozark Mountain forests. This tour transports guests to Bigfoot Farms where they will learn about local Bigfoot legends on an off-road venture along rocky, wooded paths. It all takes place on an open-air safari-style vehicle that provides a journey that cannot be found anywhere else.

The fun doesn’t end at Bigfoot Farms. With this pass, guests will also be able to enjoy the attractions at Bigfoot Fun Park as well. This family-oriented adventure park is home to two of the most unique tower rides in the country – the Super Sling and the Gravity Bomb. On the Super Sling, guests will be strapped in back-to-back before being shot into the air on this astounding bungee ride. Then, strap into the Gravity Bomb, the only ride in the world that offers a true 200-foot freefall, as it is powered by nothing but earth magnets. The pass allows guests to make their way through the two-level Bigfoot maze which features observation decks and a ten-foot Monkey Jump, and guests can top the day off with three immersive and action-packed 8DI Movies.

Experience the awesome attractions at Branson’s favorite adventure park with this Special $49 Pass Now through Sunday, March 17 Only!

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